Bawn is a three-level Ayleid Ruin southeast of Bravil and just south of Bawnwatch Camp on the coast of the Niben Bay. This ruin maintains a large presence above ground and into the waters of the bay.


There are a few Nightshade plants to the southeast and large numbers of Bergamot plants to the southwest and north towards Bawnwatch Camp. Lavender sprigs can be found scattered around the southern edge of the ruin site.

Inside the ruins are a number of Ayleid containers with various loot, mostly potions and GoldIcon in the unlocked ones but also in some of the locked containers. There is a gas trap in one of the rooms, it is triggered by approaching a large chest on a stonetable.


  • Bawn
  • Bawn Latta / Light
  • Bawn Loria / Darkens

Notable itemsEdit

Most of the Welkynd Stones in the ruin are mounted on pedestals and are out of reach, the best way to get these is to knock them down with arrows or fire ball spells. Telekinesis spells can also be used to retrieve them.


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