Bawnwatch Camp is a nearly empty campsite southeast of Bravil in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Located on a small island in Niben Bay, nestled beneath the branches of a weeping willow, this small camp watches over the haunted Ayleid Ruins of Bawn.

The island connects with the mainland via a wooden bridge and contains a single tent with a bedroll, along with a cooking pot dangling over an unlit fireplace.


The camp itself is deserted, but the small island is not; one or two angry Mudcrabs inhabits the island and will have to be disposed of before one can sleep. The island is devoid of any flora, with the exception of a Nirnroot behind the rocks to the east.

An unlocked restoration chest can also be found in front of the two western rocks. The view is quite impressive on a clear day; you can see the city of Bravil in its entirety, along with the shore of the Nibenay Valley across the water.

While unremarkable on the surface, Bawnwatch Camp has another attraction, one infamous all over Bravil. According to locals, a ghost appears every evening and wanders the shore of Niben Bay.



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