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Plague Bears are of similar size to the Grizzly Bear. Plague Bears are more resistant against the surrounding nature than the Grizzly Bear, however, and can carry the disease Ataxia. They inhabit all over Solstheim, but are most commonly found in the wilds. They have a Resist Paralysis effect for 20 pts for 30 secs, and can give Ataxia, which drains Agility and Strength by 10 points. They also have a resistance to Magicka by 50 points.

Grizzly Bears are the most common bear found in Solstheim, and are very similar to the plain Bears in terms of strength and appearance.

Snow Bears are the rarest of the bears on Solstheim. They appear white, are very powerful and are capable of dealing ice damage. They have a weakness to fire by 50 points and have a 20-point Ice resistance. Also has a Frostbite attack that deals 15–30 pts Frost Damage for 1 sec on touch.


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