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"Many species of bear roam Skyrim's wilds. They are fearsome creatures, but will often avoid attacking unless provoked."
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Bears are creatures that are found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Bears are large, strong, and fast, able to chase down the average adventurer. The bears of Skyrim seem to be somewhat stronger than other varieties of bear, and can be found in the more mountainous regions of Skyrim, usually around Ivarstead and other hilly regions. It is possible to contract bone break fever from them. The The Companions radiant quest "Animal Extermination" may require a bear to be killed.

In addition to the standard Bear, there are two subspecies known as the cave bear and the snow bear, both of which are stronger.


A Snow Bear, alerted to another's presence.

Bears can be found either sleeping or resting, sometimes in the middle of a road or a path. One of the locations is Honeystrand Cave. This presents the option to sneak around the beast, or to perform a sneak attack to gain the upper hand in the ensuing fight. Bears roar to warn of their presence before attacking, and are docile until one gets too close.

Bears are often seen attacking other animals such as elk or goats. But this does not mean that the player can sneak around the bear when it is attacking another enemy. Sometimes both the bear and, if it is an enemy, the other animal will both attack the Dragonborn. Bears prefer mountainous regions, but they can be found in the tundra areas.



  • Bear Pelt – tanning material
  • Bear Claws – alchemy ingredient
  • Occasional minor treasure, gold, gem or ring



  • The first bear the Dragonborn sees (and possibly kills; a choice which can be made) is in the Helgen Keep, but it is of a lower level than the others, and is far weaker than any other bears.
  • A bear is the sigil of Ulfric Stormcloak, his supporters and the city of Windhelm.
  • Cave bears are possibly based on the extinct animal of the same name.
  • Snow bears are possibly based on polar bears.
  • Werebears appear in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.
  • Interestingly enough, bears are shown with black fur but drop a brown pelt. This is similar to the brown cave bears dropping a black pelt.