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Bear Claws

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{{Skyrim:Ingredient|Bear Claws|effect1 = Restore Stamina|effect2 = Fortify Health|effect3 = Fortify One-Handed|effect4 = Damage Magicka Regen}}
|image = TESV Bear Claws.png
|weight = 0.1
|value = 2
|effect1 = Restore Stamina
|effect2 = Fortify Health
|effect3 = Fortify One-Handed
|effect4 = Damage Magicka Regen
|source = [[Bear (Skyrim)|Bears]], [[Snow Bear (Skyrim)|Snow Bear]], [[Cave Bear (Skyrim)|Cave Bear]]
|eff1magnitude = 4 pts
|eff1duration = 0
|eff2magnitude = 4 pts
|eff2duration = 60
|eff3magnitude = 4 pts
|eff3duration = 60
|eff4magnitude = 100%
|eff4duration = 5
|FormID = {{ID|0006BC02}}
'''Bear Claws''' is an [[Ingredients (Skyrim)|ingredient]] in {{Skyrim}}. It can be used to make [[Potions (Skyrim)|potions]] at an [[Alchemy Lab (Skyrim)|alchemy lab]] as part of [[Alchemy (Skyrim)|alchemy]].
*Dead bodies of [[Bear (Skyrim)|bears]]. A number of bears can be found in [[Fallowstone Cave]], [[Moss Mother Cavern]], [[Brood Cavern]], and throughout the [[Pine Forest]]. A weaker bear can also be found inside [[Helgen]], and also drops bear claws. At higher levels there are many more bears in [[Bloated Man's Grotto]].
{{Main|Potions (Skyrim)}}
{|class=wikitable style="text-align:left; font-size:90%;"
!width=25%|[[Restore Stamina (Skyrim)|Restore Stamina]]
!width=25%|[[Fortify Health (Skyrim)|Fortify Health]]
!width=25%|[[Fortify One-Handed]]
!width=25%|[[Damage Magicka Regen]]
*[[Charred Skeever Hide]]
*[[Eye of Sabre Cat]]
*[[Hawk Beak]]
*[[Histcarp (Skyrim)|Histcarp]]
*[[Large Antlers]]
*[[Mudcrab Chitin (Skyrim)|Mudcrab Chitin]]
*[[Netch Jelly]] {{DR}}
*[[Orange Dartwing]]
*[[Pearl (Skyrim)|Pearl]]
*[[Pine Thrush Egg]]
*[[Powdered Mammoth Tusk]]
*[[Purple Mountain Flower]]
*[[Sabre Cat Tooth]]
*[[Salmon Roe]] {{HF}}
*[[Silverside Perch]]
*[[Small Pearl]] †
*[[Torchbug Thorax (Skyrim)|Torchbug Thorax]]
*[[Wisp Wrappings]]
*[[Blue Mountain Flower]] †
*[[Boar Tusk]] {{DR}}
*[[Giant's Toe]]
*[[Glowing Mushroom]]
*[[Hanging Moss]] †
*[[Wheat (Skyrim)|Wheat]]
*[[Yellow Mountain Flower]] {{DG}}
*[[Canis Root (Skyrim)|Canis Root]]
*[[Hanging Moss]] †
*[[Hawk Feathers]]
*[[Rock Warbler Egg]]
*[[Small Pearl]] †
*[[Ancestor Moth Wing]] {{DG}}
*[[Blue Butterfly Wing]]
*[[Blue Mountain Flower]] †
*[[Burnt Spriggan Wood]] {{DR}}
*[[Chaurus Hunter Antennae]] {{DG}}
*[[Chicken's Egg]]
*[[Glow Dust (Skyrim)|Glow Dust]]
*[[Hanging Moss]] †
*[[Hawk's Egg]] {{HF}}
*[[Human Heart (Skyrim)|Human Heart]]
*[[Jarrin Root]]
*[[Nightshade (Skyrim)|Nightshade]]
*[[Spider Egg (Skyrim)|Spider Egg]]
*[[Spriggan Sap]]
''† multiple effects''
You can help by adding a potion table like the one in [[Bleeding Crown]]. You can use the data on the [[Alchemy (Skyrim)]] effects page.
<!--Interwiki links-->
[[Category:Skyrim: Ingredients]]
[[es:Garras de Oso]]
[[fr:Griffes d'ours]]
[[it:Artigli di orso]]
[[ru:Медвежьи когти (Skyrim)]]
[[uk:Ведмежі кігті]]
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