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The Beast Stone is an All-Maker Stone in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.


Cleansing the StonesEdit

After learning the Bend Will Dragon Shout from Saering's Watch, the Dragonborn is tasked by Storn Crag-Strider, in the Skaal Village, with removing Miraak's influence from the All-Maker Stones by using the Shout to destroy the structures being built by the enthralled denizens of Solstheim.



  • Those indoctrinated around the stone will be reciting Miraak's Mantra if spoken to.
  • There are several indoctrinated rieklings working on the shrine there, reciting the mantra in their own language. When freed, they return to Thirsk Mead Hall. However, if Bujold's Retreat is discovered before the stone, Bujold the Unworthy and some of her Nords may be at the stone and entranced alongside the rieklings.


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  •  360   The lurker that appears after using Bend Will on the stone may spawn on the hill behind it.


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