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Beef Stew

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|image = Stew.png
|weight = 0.5
|value = 8
|additionaleffects = Increase Stamina by 25 for 720 seconds<br />Restore 2 Stamina per second for 720 seconds
|type = [[Food (Skyrim)|Food]]
|id = {{ID|000F4314}}
'''Beef Stew''' is a [[Food (Skyrim)|food]] item found in {{Skyrim}}.
*[[Raw Beef|Raw beef]]
[[File:Soup.jpg|thumb|Soup Icon]]
*[[Carrot (Skyrim)|Carrot]]
*[[Raw Beef]]
*[[Salt Pile|Salt pile]]
*[[Garlic (Skyrim)|Garlic]]
*[[Salt Pile]]
[[Category:Skyrim: Items]]
Beef stew is relatively easy to make and provides a small [[Stamina (Skyrim)|Stamina]] boost, as well as a fast Stamina regeneration rate. Furthermore, its duration surpasses that of any [[Potions (Skyrim)|potion]] with similar effects by minutes. It can help the Dragonborn recover lost Stamina faster than both [[Venison Stew]] and [[Vegetable Soup]], which only restore 1 point of Stamina per second instead of the 2 points per second that Beef Stew offers. Combat-based players can heavily benefit from Beef Stew, as they will be able to execute more power attacks and shield bash more often as well as sprint for longer distances without needing to worry about Stamina. Archery-based players can benefit from Beef Stew as well, as they will be able to zoom in and slow down time more frequently, and will have extra time to aim their shots more precisely.
*Beef Stew is the only soup that affects Stamina only.
*If ''Hearthfire'' is installed, the retextured soup will look like [[Potato (Skyrim)|potatoes]] also appear to be in the mix, even though they are not required to create it.
*If combined with both [[Rahgot (Mask)|Rahgot's Mask]] and either the [[The Gauldur Amulet|Gauldur Amulet]] or the corresponding [[Gauldur Amulet Fragment|fragment]], maximum Stamina will be temporarily increased by a total of 125 points.
*Despite Beef Stew increasing maximum Stamina by 25 points, similar potions of Enhanced Stamina can increase maximum Stamina by 40 points (Draught), 60 points (Solution), 80 points (Philter), and 100 points (Elixir). The standard potion of Enhanced Stamina increases maximum Stamina by only 20 points. However, the duration of their effects lasts only for 300 seconds before expiring.
*{{PC}}{{PS3}} Sometimes when eating the stew, the [[Last Dragonborn|Dragonborn]] may make a sound like they have been attacked.
<!--Interwiki links-->
*Increase Stamina by 25 for 720 seconds
[[es:Guiso de ternera]]
*Restore 2 Stamina per second for 720 seconds
[[ru:Говяжья похлёбка]]
[[Category:Skyrim: Food]]
[[Category:Skyrim: Items]]
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