Beela-Kaar, also known as The Mad Sorcerer, was an Argonian sorcerer and trusted adviser for the Saxhleel leaders in ancient Murkmire. He is best known for turning himself into a cursed golden skull in a dark ritual, which became known as The Golden Skull of Beela-Kaar, a relic with the power to destroy all of Murkmire.[1]


Beela-Kaar served as an adviser of the Saxhleel leaders in ancient Murkmire. He was a well-known healer, and healed many people with his magic; however, when a close mate of Beela-Kaar fell ill to a wasting disease, he devoted all his time to curing him. When Beela-Kaar had tried every possible cure without positive results, he turned over to necromancy. Since he was unable to cure the disease, the let his mate die so he could reanimate him. The reanimation was successful, but the Argonians who lived in the district was horrified at Beela-Kaar's zombified mate, and begged him to let his thrall rest in peace. Beela-Kaar answered by taking control over a xanmeer, where he preceded to perform dark necromantic rituals. After that Beela-Kaar was often referred to as "The Mad Sorcerer."[2]

It was only after one of Beela-Kaar's evil creations escaped the xanmeer—causing troubles throughout the region—that the elders of Murkmire decided to take action, ordering a band of warriors to stop him. The confrontation was met with great resistance, and after thirty-three days and thirty-three nights, Beela-Kaar had defeated every single warrior, only to reanimate them for his own undead army.[2]

Beela-Kaar realized that the xanmeer would eventually fall, so he decided to perform a final ritual, which involved turning himself into a powerful relic. The ritual destroyed his body, and the only thing left of him was his skull, which had turned golden. His skull became known as "The Golden Skull of Beela-Kaar," possessing a curse that would destroy all of Murkmire if it were ever released. The skull was placed in a xanmeer in Norg-Tzel.[2]



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