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Beggars are located throughout Cyrodiil. They act as the eyes for the Thieves Guild and sometimes have valuable information about quests; though they are often dishonest if the Hero does not pay them respect with a few septims. They can tell how to join the Thieves guild if one raise their disposition to 70. While talking to beggars, one will have the option to give them a Septim. This raises their disposition by one point.

Beggars' bedrolls and foodbags can often be found around the edges of the major cities of Cyrodiil, usually near city walls or behind buildings. Sometimes they are filled with gold, and if not part of the Thieves Guild, one can steal it. It is a crime, so make sure no guards are around.

They are often considered convenient prey for Heros infected with vampirism.

A member of the Thieves Guild is not permitted to kill or steal from any of the beggars as they are all under the protection of the Gray Fox. Feeding on NPCs is also considered a crime, so vampires who are Thieves Guild members should avoid feeding on beggars.

Every minor city has two beggars each, apart from Kvatch, which has only one. The Imperial City has one beggar per district, excluding the Green Emperor Way.

List of BeggarsEdit

Name Location
Penniless Olvus Anvil
Imus the Dull Anvil
Bruccius the Orphan Cheydinhal
Luckless Lucina Cheydinhal
Nermus the Mooch Chorrol
Lazy Kaslowyn Chorrol
Fetid Jofnhild Bruma
Jorck the Outcast Bruma
Deeh the Scalawag Leyawiin
Rancid Ra'dirsha Leyawiin
Wretched Aia Bravil
Cosmus the Cheat Bravil
Nigidius the Needy Skingrad
Foul Fagus Skingrad
Simplicia the Slow Imperial City (Market District)
Ragbag Buntara Imperial City (Temple District)
Puny Ancus Imperial City (Waterfront District)
No-Coins Draninus Imperial City (Talos Plaza District)
Fralav the Faker Imperial City (Elven Gardens District)


  • In the quest "A Brotherhood Betrayed", a reference is made to two more beggars who supposedly lived in Bruma before being killed, along with another that can be found dead in Bradon Lirrian's basement.
  • Beggars often have two voice types. This can be heard by talking to one and then giving them a GoldIcon.
  • They will often say their children are starving, even though there are no children in-game.
  • Beggars are the only NPCs that can give the Hero a disease unless the DLC Mehrunes Razor is installed. At that point, laborers found inside can give the Hero Tunnel Cough.
  • Beggars will occasionally mention a god by the name of Mystara when thanking the player, though no deity by that name is known to exist in Elder Scrolls lore. This might be a reference to the Mystara campaign setting in the role-playing board game Dungeons & Dragons.


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