Belchimac is a Breton miner who resides in Karthwasten. He works inside Sanuarach Mine and resides in the Karthwasten Miner's Barracks.


When spoken to, he will only respond with phrases like, "You want something?" If Atar is killed in the mine and Belchimac discovers the corpse, he will say, "Oh! Who did this?" However, he will afterwards continue on as normal.


  • "The good mine is closed and the other mine has no ore. Gods have cursed me."
  • "Sauranach mine is open again. How am I supposed to handle all this work?"


Silver-Blood menEdit

Enmon: "When are those Silver-Blood men going to leave?"
Belchimac: "Never. They've shut us down forever, Enmon. The Divines have abandoned us."

We're doomedEdit

Belchimac: "We're doomed. The mine is going to stay closed, and we'll up be carted of to Cidhna Mine as slaves."
Enmon: "Only criminals get sent to Cidhna Mine. They're not going to send us there."
Belchimac: "Oh, they'll find some way to send us there. It'll be just my luck."

Damn NordsEdit

Belchimac: "Damn Nords. Always getting in the way of us honest folk."
Ragnar: "What did you say? You lazy coward, I'll cut your throat."
Belchimac: "Nothing, Ragnar. Please... don't hurt me."
Ragnar: "I... I'm sorry, Belchimac. I didn't mean that."

Forsworn KillersEdit

Ragnar: "You're always talking about the Forsworn. You aren't thinking of joining them, are you?"
Belchimac: "Maybe I will. What do you think about that?"
Ragnar: "I'm warning you. Those people are killers. You'd never last a day with them."

Bunking with OrcsEdit

Belchimac: "I don't like bunking with Orcs. It's not... clean."
Lash: "If you want me to leave, you could challenge me to a fight. I promise to stop once you've lost an arm."
Belchimac: "What I meant to say was... I love having an Orc here in the barracks. They're so... pleasant."

Reach PoliticsEdit

Lash: "Why do your people claim the Reach is theirs? The Orcs have been in these lands just as long."
Belchimac: "You wouldn't understand, Lash. Your people aren't smart enough for politics."
Lash: "Is that so? I'll remember that next time we're in the mine tunnels... alone."
Belchimac: "Did... did I say you weren't smart? I meant to say that I'm not smart, Lash. I'm just not smart enough to answer your questions."


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