Sketch of Belharza by Michael Kirkbride[UL 1]

Belharza, also known as Belharza the Man-Bull,[1] was the second Emperor of the Alessian Empire. He was the son of Alessia and Morihaus,[1] and Morihaus was said to be a Demigod in the form of a winged bull.[1][2] As a result, Belharza was sometimes referred to as a "man-bull" due to being a mix of Nede and and Et'Ada Bull, thereby being the first Minotaur.[UL 2]

History[edit | edit source]

Belharza as a child[UL 1]

Belharza was born sometime during the early First Era, as the firstborn child of Alessia and Morihaus.[UL 1]

In 1E 266, after Empress Alessia was transformed into the first Cyrodilic Saint by Shezarr, he was crowned as the second Emperor of the Alessian Empire.[1] It is said that during his reign as Emperor, there were several Ayleids ruling in Malada.[3]

According to Nonus Caprenius, the Alessian Order widely persecuted minotaurs under the Empire's influence. He interprets Belharza's appearance on an ancient tablet called the Belharza Stone as referring to a conflict between Belharza and the precursors of the Alessian Order.[1] Belharza is said to have died in combat with elves,[4] and was succeeded by his son Ami-El.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Rare private letters between him and his mother Alessia are held in The Library of Dusk.[5]

References[edit | edit source]

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