Belletor's Folly is a mine located south of Kvatch, close to where the road from Anvil forks to go towards Kvatch, northwest of Dasek Moor.


The mine consists of three levels, in the third level named Belletor's Folly Cavern, is a room with a trench in the middle, and a bridge crossing the trench. But both entrances to the room leads into the trench, and there seems to be no way to get up into the room. There are several bandits (and at least one ghost) in the room above. However, there is no way for the Hero to get to this level, as there is no way up. 


  • Belletor's Folly Mines
  • Belletor's Folly Cavern

Notable itemsEdit

  • Several chests with various loot. Some are locked (leveled)


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