"The fires to the Divines are so pretty! I wonder how they keep them burning all the time? And where do they get all the fuel? So many questions! I guess that's what religion is all about."
―Bellucia Leraud[src]

Bellucia Leraud is a Breton found in the Great Chapel of Dibella in Anvil, Gold Coast.


Questions of FaithEdit

Kor suggested to talk to the worshippers to find out if any of them saw Hildegard.


"I wonder if I can get a priest to tell me how they keep the fires burning? I hope it's not one of those sacred secrets that they're always going on about."

Have you seen a young Nord woman? Wears a flower in her hair? "Now that you mention it, I remember a young woman—no wait, that was a Wood Elf. Carried around a bouquet of flowers. Talked to them, smelled them. Then she ate them! Really, Wood Elves are very strange."


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