"Bellulor's the name, gossip and rumor is the game."
―Bellulor Chatterbeak[src]

Bellulor Chatterbeak is a Bosmer found at outlaws refuges in the cities of Marbruk, Shornhelm and Stormhold.


The One That Got AwayEdit

Rhanbiq, no longer chief inspector, directs the Vestige to Bellulor to find directions about Nicolas' whereabouts.


The One That Got Away

"Don't think I've seen you around. Or I could've! I was quite drunk yesterday. Hello again, for the first time."

I'm looking for an Imperial man who goes by Nicolas. "Are you working for that Ram's Beak... Falcon Wings fellow? Heard he wanted the same thing. Also heard he was a Guard. He sent you, then? Fine, tell him my price. Pay my tab at every tavern in the city."
[Intimidate] Spit out what I want, or spit out your teeth. Your choice. "Keep your fists down! Bellulor knows the score. Don't blame me for making a living. The Imperial wasn't a local, just passing through. I'll tell you what I know."
Then tell me everything you remember about Nicolas. "First thing, he didn't go by 'Nicolas.' Can't recall his name—something equally forgettable—but I do remember his High Elf companion. A widow, she was. 'My darling Volu,' he called her? They were returning to her home."
Where did 'Volu' call home? "A manor near some fort in Deshaan. Fort... Tal'Deic, was it? I don't entirely recall. The drink, you see. But they were to be married as soon as they returned home."
Married? "Oh, she'd fallen for him. I could see that. He was some sort of... painter? The canvas kind, not tavern placards. He brought some kind of joy to her life. Would have been lovely, but I passed out on their table."


  • "Hear there's pockets ripe for picking in Orsinium. Bit of a frontier, yeah? But which bounty hunter will chase you into the cold? Orcs, maybe. Nords as well. It's... it's a bad idea, come to think of it." —After being inquired during "The One That Got Away"


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