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Belt of Heartfire is a unique belt and artifact worn by Dagoth Uthol at Charma's Breath in Kogoruhn.


Enchantment ID: ward of uthol

All effects are for 30 seconds on self:


The Citadels of the Sixth HouseEdit

The Nerevarine battles Dagoth Uthol near the conclusion of the main quest, in an effort to weaken Dagoth Ur by slaying his kin. He wears this belt, and it can be acquired from his remains when he is killed.


  • There are three items named Belt of Heartfire in the game's Construction Set. The other two are obtainable only the PC by using the console (ID: artifact_belt_of_heartfire and extravagant_belt_hf). They differ in physical appearance, and one weighs 1.00, but are otherwise identical.


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