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Belt of the Armor of God is a unique belt that is enchanted with a variety of defensive effects that increase the wearer's armor rating, chance to dodge melee attacks, and resistance to magic.


Enchantment ID: armor of god_en

All effects are for 30 seconds on self:


Mysterious Killings in VivecEdit

Elam Andas at the Office of the Watch in the Hall of Justice (Vivec City Temple Canton) requests the Nerevarine's assistance in tracking down an elusive murderer who has plagued the city of late. The deaths of seven people, including two guards, who were all apparently completely unaware of their impending fate has caused alarm throughout Vivec. After following a series of clues, the Nerevarine confronts the suspected killer, resulting in a fight to the death. Elam offers the Nerevarine a choice among a few items, including this belt, as a reward.


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