Not to be confused with Belyni Llendu.

Belyn Hlaalu is a Dunmer farmer from Windhelm. He owns Hlaalu Farm, located just outside the city, and lives in his house inside the city. He is also a descendant of House Hlaalu, as his name would suggest.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Regarding the Dunmer segregation in Windhelm, he mentions that many of his kin complain too much about the way they are treated. In his opinion, complaining does little good. He is a firm proponent of hard work, and believes it's the only way to win the respect of the local Nords.

He occasionally converses with his employee, Adisla, about various topics, one of which is Captain Lonely-Gale. Belyn seems to have a strange obsession with the man and his past, for unknown reasons. Other lines of dialogue indicate that he is rather gruff, and a harsh master, and treats Adisla with little respect.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Belyn offers to pay Gold for any wheat that the Dragonborn is carrying, including wheat harvested on his farm. He may also send thugs after the Dragonborn if they rob his farm.

Conversations[edit | edit source]


Belyn: "Make sure the back fence is repaired. I swear I saw some skeevers in nibbling the leaves yesterday."
Adisla: "Oh, no skeevers out here, sir. They can't stand the cold."
Belyn: "Maybe, but the way you burn through all that wood to keep the cabin toasty, they might mistake this place for Elsweyr."
Adisla: "Sorry, sir. These old bones do like a bit of warmth in the evening. There's no need to make fun."
Belyn: "You just need to remember that there's a war on, and firewood isn't cheap these days."

Adisla: "I was wondering if you had ordered the shipment of that frostwheat, sir."
Belyn: "Yes, but that fool Endario can't get it in. I'll thrash him when I get back to the city, don't you worry."
Adisla: "I wasn't wanting to get anyone in trouble, sir. Just wanting to get the new planting started, is all."
Belyn: "Yes, wouldn't want to miss the lush summer we have ahead."

Belyn: "So, have you ever actually spoken to Captain Lonely-Gale?"
Adisla: "By the gods, he's just a retired ship's captain."
Belyn: "Maybe to you, but he's just so... his story is..."
Adisla: "He's just a guard captain. And not a very good one, at that."

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Length: 0:05
Description: "I'm proud of my farm. It takes no small effort to grow crops in this part of Skyrim."
  • "I'm proud of my farm. It takes no small effort to grow crops in this part of Skyrim."
  • "The best way for us to win the Nords' respect is through hard work."
  • "Too many dark elves in Windhelm complain about the way we're treated. What good does complaining do?"

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