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For the character in Oblivion, see Bendu Olo (Oblivion).

Bendu Olo was the Colovian king of Anvil during the First Era and the Baron-Admiral of the All Flags Navy who led the campaign to wipe out the Sload from the coral kingdom of Thras in 1E 2200 after the Thrassian Plague.[1] The All Flags Navy consisted of forces from the sources of the Colovian Estates, Nibenay Valley,[2] Summerset Isles[3] Hammerfell, and likely High Rock as well.[4] Following the sinking of Thras, he returned to his home city and began converting the then Anvil Fortress into the Castle Anvil.[OOG 1]

It is possible that Bendu Olo is in someway related to Olaj Olo, the supposed Nordic demi-god of mead, who fought alongside Ysgramor's Five Hundred Companions,[OOG 2] and Rusio Olo, a knight of the Order of the Hour.[5]



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