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The Barony of Bergama is a region in the province of Hammerfell, in the Illiac Bay region. It is an enclave of Alik'r region. The primary regional deity is Akatosh and the dominant vampire bloodline is Anthotis. The regional capital is the City of Bergama. The region is often considered a part of the Alik'r.[1]

During the events in the Warp in the West, this region became a part of Sentinel. According to a Blade spy, there was a strong roar of a sandstorm on 9th of Frost Fall. The sandstorm hit his camp and buried it. He had to walk to the city of Bergama from his camp, and when he arrived, he learned that the entire populace of Bergama seemed to just skip a day of their lives, the 10th of Frost Fall, and continued with 11th, which resulted in the fall of Bergama under the rule of Sentinel.[2]





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