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Not to be confused with Bergamot Seeds.
"Bergamot played a pivotal role with Emeric in clearing Daggerfall of Reachmen during Durcorach’s uprising, after which he signed the first Daggerfall Covenant."
Flaccus Terentius[src]

Bergamot Deleyn was the King of Daggerfall during the Interregnum, he was the matriarch of House Deleyn, an influential family in the Kingdom of Daggerfall. Bergamot became the leader of Daggerfall after Anton II's death in 2E 515. Bergamot would father a child named Folbert who would rule after him when passed away to the Knahaten Flu. Bergamot was involved in the Black Drake Invasion and led a defensive force against Durcorach the Black Drake with the Knights of the Dragon. Durcorach was defeated when Earl Emeric of Cumberland arrived from the east with an army from Wayrest. Bergamot, along with the other kings of High Rock would form the first Daggerfall Covenant.[1][2]



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