"There's a rift here in Skyrim, and can't neither magic nor the passin' of time make it right."
―Bergritte Battle-Born[src]


Bergritte Battle-Born is an elderly Nord who resides in the city of Whiterun.


She is a member of the Battle-Born Clan and is married to Olfrid, the patriarch of the Clan. She is the mother of Alfhild and the grandmother of Lars Battle-Born.


Missing in ActionEdit



Alfhild Battle-BornEdit

Alfhild: "So, what book should I read to you tonight?"
Bergritte: "How about The Lusty Argonian Maid?"
Alfhild: "Mother!"
Bergritte: "You've got no sense of humor, you know that? Why don't you pick up where you left off with The Real Barenziah."

Lars Battle-BornEdit

Bergritte: "Lars, dear, why don't you go outside and play? It's a beautiful day."
Lars: "That's all right, grandmother. I like staying home with you."
Bergritte: "It's that Braith girl again, isn't it? Has she been bothering you again? I've a mind to speak with her mother."
Lars: "No! Please, grandmother, don't do that. I'm fine. Really. Can we just... not talk about this anymore?"
Bergritte: "All right, dear."


  • "Evgir Unslaad has come at last. The "Season Unending." War... without end."
  • "Can you believe those pathetic Gray-Manes still show their faces in public?"
  • "There was love between our families. For generations. Now, there is only enmity."
  • "It's a miracle these Stormcloaks haven't robbed us blind yet. I'm sure it's only a matter of time." ―If "Battle for Whiterun" has been completed for the Stormcloaks


  • If she is killed, hired thugs may be sent after the Dragonborn by Alfhild Battle-Born. In a note, she asks that they make the Dragonborn "pay for killing her beloved Bergritte Battle-Born," and that they "return with proof of the deed."
  • She may also send out a contract to hired thugs if the Dragonborn is caught stealing something for the quest "Missing in Action" or if the Dragonborn kills her family members.


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