Bero's Support is a House Hlaalu quest available to the Nerevarine, if they joined House Hlaalu, in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.



Once the Nerevarine has killed Banden Indarys to remove some pressure from House Hlaalu, Crassius Curio will inform them that they require the support of another councilor. He suggests that Dram Bero is the Nerevarine's best bet, although they will have to find him somewhere in Vivec City.

The Hidden Councilor's ChampionEdit

Asking around Vivec will reveal that there is a haunted manor in the St. Olms Canton. Inside the manor is a locked door (there is a key hidden under a table in a different room) behind which the councilor Bero can be found. Bero will agree to support the Nerevarine, if they can defeat his champion, Garding the Bold, in a duel in the Arena.

To defeat Garding the Bold, the Nerevarine must either get him to low health or knock him out (using hand-to-hand) when they are in the Arena. Once Garding the Bold has been defeated, the Nerevarine must first return to Bero (to confirm his support) before returning to Curio to complete the quest.


Bero's Support – HH_BeroSupport
IDJournal Entry
10Crassius told me that I should get the support of another Hlaalu Councilman. I should try and find Dram Bero in Vivec and get his support.
  • Quest accepted
30I was told that Dram Bero lives somewhere in the St. Olms Canton.
40I was told that Dram Bero has been seen going in and out of one of the manors at the top of the St. Olms Canton.
50Dram Bero agreed to support me if I can best his champion. I must defeat Dram Bero's champion, Garding the Bold, but not kill him. I can knock him out or fight him to a draw.
70I defeated Dram Bero's champion, Garding the Bold.
100Dram Bero agreed to give me his support on the council.
  • Quest completed
200I killed Dram Bero's champion, Garding the Bold.
  • Quest completed


  • If the Nerevarine kills Garding the Bold outside of the Arena, Bero will refuse to support them.
    • If killed in the Arena, Bero will support but his disposition will drop by 10.

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