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Berwen's Stalker is a Fighters Guild quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


  1. Talk to Hrundi at Wolverine Hall to get the orders.
  2. Find Berwen in Tel Mora
  3. Go upstairs to kill the corprus stalker
  4. Talk to Berwen
  5. Return to Hrundi to complete the quest and get the reward.


After receiving the quest, go to Tel Mora and seek out Berwen. She will explain she has a corprus stalker upstairs in her store. Usually Master Aryon deals with the customers, but he is been busy recently. They managed to trap it but no one wants to risk disease by getting close to it. She asks if the Nerevarine is up for the challenge to bring it down.

Agree to help and head upstairs to confront the stalker. It can be hard to kill as one cannot get near to him. Using an arrow and bow is one way. After killing him, go downstairs and talk to Berwen again.

She is very pleased to know the stalker is taken care of and says they obviously have great skill.


  • 500 GoldIcon


Berwen's Stalker – FG_CorprusStalker
IDJournal Entry
1Berwen has a corprus stalker in her store, and she would like me to get rid of it.
  • Quest accepted
10Hrundi asked me to get rid of a Corprus Stalker loose in Berwen the Trader's shop in Tel Mora.
  • Quest accepted
30Berwen said that the beast was blockaded upstairs. Just one? This should be a cakewalk.
89Berwen was very impressed with my fighting prowess when I dispatched her Corprus Stalker.
90Berwen was very impressed with my fighting prowess when I dispatched her Corprus Stalker. Hrundi will be pleased as well.
100Hrundi thanked me for getting rid of the Corprus Stalker at Berwen's Shop.
  • Quest completed

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