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"I like dogs. Dogs are pretty."

Bhisha is a Khajiit agent who lives in Crucible. He often follows Ushnar gro-Shadborgob because of him owning a dog. This irritates Ushnar due to his fear of cats. The Hero will be asked by Ushnar to get Bhisha away from him by any means. One can either convince Bhisha to move to Bliss, or kill him.

If Bisha is sent to live in Bliss, when talking to others, he almost always says the phrase, "I'm so full. Not the least bit hungry."


Ushnar's TerrorEdit

Ushnar gro-Shadborgob hates cats, especially Bhisha the Khajiit, who loves Ushnar's dogs and follows Ushnar's dog around, who follows Ushnar. If the Hero talks to him about it, he asks them to make Bhisha "disappear," one way or another.

Falling AwakeEdit

Amiable Fanriene is a citizen of Bliss that has been blessed with paranoia; he can't sleep in his own home for fear that the walls will close in and fall on him, ending his life. He seeks a safe place to sleep.

The Lady of ParanoiaEdit

Sheogorath sent the Hero to speak to Lady Syl, Duchess of Dementia, as part of the quest "Understanding Madness."


The Lady of Paranoia

"I like dogs. Dogs are pretty."

Conspiracy "No, no. I know nothing."
Liar. Herdir, torture him! "Please, no!"
I don't care. Herdir, torture him. "No, please no...."
"I don't want trouble! I keep to myself, but I see Ma'zaddha nad that Dark Seducer, Nelrene, meeting behind the buildings late at night sometimes. That's all I know. Nothing more."
Conspiracy "I don't know anything about a conspiracy!"
Very well. You shall be spared. "Thank you."


  • Bhisha is the only character to have two possible epitaphs on their tombstone in New Sheoth Graveyard.
    • "In memory of Bhisha. Killed because he loved dogs." (If killed in Ushnar's Terror quest)
    • "In memory of sweet, harmless Bhisha." (If killed before or after the quest)


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