Biene Amelion is a resident of the settlement of Water's Edge. Her father left, leaving her with his gambling debts. She lives alone in their house. She is killed during the Fighters Guild quest "Infiltration."


Amelion's DebtEdit

Burz sends the Hero to Biene Amelion at the Water's Edge settlement to retrieve a sword and a unique piece of armor for her.


Modryn Oreyn tells the Hero that the information they got from Ajum-Kajin before he combusted was not enough. He tells them that they must join the Blackwood Company and find out the secret of their effectiveness firsthand.


The Desolate MineEdit

"Hello! You must be from the Fighters Guild. I'm glad you're here. I need your help to repay a debt"

Biene Amelion "I am Biene Amelion."
Debt "I'm afraid so. My father had a bit of an issue with gambling. I'm afraid he built up a rather large debt. Now that he's gone, the debt is mine."
Where is your father? "Gone. Dragged from our house in the night. To pay the debt, I'd like to sell the sword and armor of my grandfather, or I might be next!"
How much is the debt? "A great deal, over 1,000 septims. My father was quite a gambler. Quite a bad gambler."
Sword and Armor "They were buried with my grandfather in the family tomb. The sword and cuirass were enchanted, and should cover my debt. Please, get them for me."
Where are the Sword and Armor? "Not far, in my family's ancestral tomb. Here, I can mark it on your map. Please, return them to me, so I can pay off my father's debts."
"You're my only hope."
Take this money for your debt. (Only available if the Hero has a 1000 or more gold) "Are you certain? I can't thank you enough. Please, though. If you decide to retrieve the sword and armor, keep them. At least until I can repay you."

(After obtaining the Sword and Armor)
"Hello again! Have you had any luck finding the sword and armor?"

Sword and Armor "You've found them? Fantastic! I can't tell you what this means to me."
Here are the sword and armor. "Thank you. Thank you so much. Hopefully, I'll be able to sell these for enough to pay my debt. You're a lifesafer."
Take this money for your debt. (Only available if the Hero has a 1000 or more gold) "Why... thank you! This will be enough to pay off my debtors. Please, keep the sword and armor until I can pay you back. Thank you again."
"I'm so grateful."
Debt "I can't tell you how much your help means to me. Thank you again."

"I'll never forget this."
(If approached again)
"What can I do for you, my friend?"



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