For other uses, see Big Head.

Big Head is an Argonian pauper residing in Big Head's Shack.


Sheogorath's QuestEdit

The Nerevarine must obtain the Fork of Horripilation, which is in Big Head's possesion.


Greeting "So, you have come. I see you serve the master. He is good, oh yes. Good to me. You have come seeking; tell me what you will find."

The Fork of Horipilation "The Fork of Horripilation? It sings to me, oh yes. Sings like the rocks sing. Songs of weeping. Songs of leaping. Do you weep, stranger? You've come to take it. Will it take you? Then will you weep? Weep like the rocks? It is here! Take it. Take it if you will. Take it if you won't. Singing! Ringing!"



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