"Zeht's blessings be upon you, wayfarer."
―Birahn af-Angilia[src]

Birahn af-Angilia is a Redguard found at the The Winking Jackal in the city of Bergama, Alik'r Desert.


  • "You don't plan to patronize this place, do you? Never mind. Forget I said anything."
  • "I do not wish to pry, I was simply curious if you plan to throw your hard-won gold into a fool's sinkhole like this "Winking Jackal.""
  • "In a way we are all cheated, wayfarer. Have you not heard that Uncle Thakh's den of cut-purses receives subsidies from Fahara'jad's court? They believe it encourages trade further inland by appealing to foreigner's greed."
  • "Most don't. The Forebears ... nevermind. I only stay here to prevent my doltish cousin from squandering his wealth. My advice is this: invest your gold in a stable and legitimate enterprise. Perhaps a tea house or some well-irrigated farmland."


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