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Out of 13 possible birthsigns, players can choose which one their character was born under.

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"The skies are marked with numberless sparks, each a fire, and every one a sign."
Uriel Septim VII[src]

Uriel Quote 6

A Birthsign in Tamriel is a constellation under which a person can be born. A person born under a sign is usually bestowed magical bonuses, ranging from increased Magicka to a paralyzing kiss. These bonuses can be perceived as either a blessing or a curse.

Note: lesser powers act like spells and require magicka.

The ApprenticeEdit

Birthsign apprentice
The Apprentice ability confers a 100-point bonus to your Magicka attribute but gives you a 100% Weakness to Magic.

The AtronachEdit

Birthsign atronach
With the Atronach ability, the Hero doesn't regain Magicka over time. Instead the Hero has a 50% Spell Absorption to recharge Magicka. Base Magicka is also increased by 150 points.

The LadyEdit

Birthsign lady
The Lady's Blessing confers bonuses of 10 points to Willpower and Endurance attributes.

The LordEdit

Birthsign lord
Being born under the Lord gives the Hero the Blood of the North lesser power to regenerate up to 90 points of Health and also gain the Trollkin curse, a permanent 25% Weakness to Fire.

The LoverEdit

Birthsign lover
Use the Lover's Kiss power once a day to paralyze an opponent for 10 seconds at the cost of 120 points of Fatigue. Also, members of the opposite sex are more friendly.

The MageEdit

Birthsign mage
The Mage ability confers a permanent bonus of 50 points to Magicka.

The RitualEdit

Birthsign ritual
Those born under the Ritual use the Mara's Gift power once a day as a powerful Restore Health spell. The Blessed Word can turn the undead.

The SerpentEdit

Birthsign serpent
Gains the Serpent spell to cause a slow but potent poison on touch, while simultaneously curing and dispelling magic on the Hero. Casting this spell costs 100 points of Fatigue.

The ShadowEdit

Birthsign shadow
Use the Moonshadow power once a day to become Invisible for 60 seconds.

The SteedEdit

Birthsign steed
The Steed ability grants a bonus of 20 Speed attribute.

The ThiefEdit

Birthsign thief
The Thief ability grants a 10-point bonus to Agility, Speed, and Luck attributes.

The TowerEdit

Birthsign tower
With the Tower Key power, once a day open a door or container of Average lock level or less. The Tower Warden reflects five points of damage for 120 seconds a day.

The WarriorEdit

Birthsign warrior
The Warrior ability grants a bonus of 10 points to Strength and Endurance attributes.


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