"You look brave... brave like my Gena. Please. Help me?"

Bishalus is an Argonian fisherman residing in the region of Bal Foyen. She is the quest giver for the quest, "The Bard of Hounds."


The Bard of HoundsEdit

Bishalus requests the help of the Vestige in order to save her friend, Gena Omarys, from a rabid nix-hound.


The Bard of Hounds

"You look brave... brave like my Gena. Please. Help me?"

What's wrong? "I fear she's been eaten by nix-hounds. I'm terrified of them. She made me a flute. Said it would calm them. To prove her point, she went up the trail behind me. A pack of beasts lives up there."
I can try to find her. "Or what's left of her. Whatever state she's in, please bring her back."
I will. "How could I have let her do this? Oh, Gena!"
Why did she want to prove herself? "Sometimes, Gena's a strange girl. She's a master crafter. In fact, she thinks she's one of the best woodcarvers on the coast. I think she wanted to show off for me. Silly girl."

After defeating the hound:

"She's alive... hurt and frightened, but alive."

Good to see she's safe. "I have little to offer by way of reward, other than my thanks. I doubt you'll remember two simple fishermen, but we'll never forget you."

"Disgusting bug dog! Gena, are you sure you want to keep it?" (New greeting.)


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