"Good day, Nerevarine (Player name). I am Bivale Teneran. I flatter myself that I am the finest clothier in these parts. Shall I tell you about my trade? Or would you be interested in a little work?"
―Bivale Teneran[src]

Bivale Teneran is a Dunmer merchant who owns a fine clothing store in the Ald'ruhn Manor District in Morrowind.


Bivale Teneran is also a spy for House Hlaalu who is used to know House Redoran's dealings. Ienas Sarandas owes her and several other merchants in Ald'ruhn huge amounts of money. She also gets regular shipments of clothing so her supply always restocks in a couple days.


House Hlaalu questsEdit

Delivery for Bivale TeneranEdit

Bivale Teneran works with House Hlaalu, keeping an eye out for business opportunities. The Nerevarine is to deliver a scroll to her from Nileno Dorvayn.

Miscellaneous questsEdit

Ienas SarandasEdit

Bivale Teneran is a possible quest giver for the quest "Ienas Sarandas." When asked for work she tells the Nerevarine that Ienas Sarandas owes her money for a brocade shirt and silk pants she had made for him. She requests that the Nerevarine gets either the money from Ienas Sarandas or takes the clothing back. She promises 50 GoldIcon for this service.

The Shirt of His BackEdit

Bivale Teneran is the receiver of a shipment of clothing that Rasha, an Argonian trader, entrusted the Nerevarine to deliver.


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