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The Bjoulsae River is a river that runs through the province of High Rock, and forms most of the border between High Rock and Hammerfell.[1] Its source lies roughly south of Raven Spring in High Rock and northwest of Heldorn Mount in Hammerfell.[2] The river flows through Halcyon Lake in Bangkorai into Iliac Bay, from the regions of Gavaudon and Mournoth.[3]


In 1E 375, the Ayleids founded a settlement named Bisnensel-by-the-Lake on the river.[4] Around the early Tenth century of the First Era, the Orsimer of Clan Bagrakh began raiding across and along the river. This would later lead to a joint effort of Hammerfell and High Rock to suppress the raiders, culminating in the Siege of Orsinium, and then the Sack of Orsinium. In 2E 541, an army of Reachmen, led by Durcorach the Black Drake, crossed the river and began the Siege of Wayrest.[5]



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