The Black Band is a ring which can be gained as a reward for completing the Dark Brotherhood quest "A Watery Grave." The appearance of the Black Band ring is nearly identical to most enchanted brass rings.

Leveled effects[edit | edit source]

The magnitude of the effects granted by the ring are dependent on when the ring is acquired. Its power increases proportionally to character level.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Level Gold WeightIcon.png Enchantments Apparel ID
1–4 1250 1 Fortify Skill: Light Armor 3 pts
Fortify Skill: Security 3 pts
Resist Magic 3%
5–9 1950 1 Fortify Skill: Light Armor 5 pts
Fortify Skill: Security 5 pts
Resist Magic 5%
10–14 3000 1 Fortify Skill: Light Armor 8 pts
Fortify Skill: Security 8 pts
Resist Magic 8%
15–19 3700 1 Fortify Skill: Light Armor 10 pts
Fortify Skill: Security 10 pts
Resist Magic 10%
20–24 4750 1 Fortify Skill: Light Armor 13 pts
Fortify Skill: Security 13 pts
Resist Magic 13%
25–29 5450 1 Fortify Skill: Light Armor 15 pts
Fortify Skill: Security 15 pts
Resist Magic 15%
30+ 6500 1 Fortify Skill: Light Armor 18 pts
Fortify Skill: Security 18 pts
Resist Magic 18%

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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