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It is one of seven Black Books scattered across Solstheim.  It will be found while pursuing the main questline. When read on Solstheim, it will teleport the Dragonborn to the realm of Apocrypha, where they may reset all the perks in an individual skill tree to be redistributed (after the completion of the quest "At the Summit of Apocrypha"). It costs one dragon soul per tree that is reset.




The eyes, once bleached by falling stars of utmost revelation, will forever see the faint insight drawn by the overwhelming question, as only the True Enquiry shapes the edge of thought.

The rest is vulgar fiction, attempts to impose order on the consensus mantlings of an uncaring godhead. First,

Hidden KnowledgeEdit

  • Allows resetting all of the perks for a skill tree at the price of a dragon soul. The main questline of Dragonborn must have been completed in order to do this.


  • This book can be read at any time after obtaining it during "The Temple of Miraak," but, if the final quest "At the Summit of Apocrypha" is not activated, the Dragonborn can only advance until chapter VI to learn the final word for Dragon AspectMiraak does not appear at this time, so a black book has to be read again to force an exit to Solstheim.
  • Quite a few skill books can be found in this part of Apocrypha so prior activation of Scholar's Insight is advised.


This section contains bugs related to Black Book: Waking Dreams. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  •  360   The book may not transport the Dragonborn to Apocrypha either prior to or after completion of the Dragonborn questline.
  • If the book is taken to Apocrypha before it is needed, it will not work and may "break" the playthrough.
  •  PC   This can be fixed by opening the console and typing: player.drop xx016e22 1 followed by player.additem xx016e22 1— Go into the inventory and read the Book.


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