Black Brugo

The leader, Black Brugo

The Black Bows are bandits commonly encountered in the area around Leyawiin. Their bows are significant to Count Marius Caro after becoming a Knight of the White Stallion. Warriors carry the signature Black Bow, but they usually do not use them.


A couple of Black Bow strongholds are the Ayleid Ruin Telepe, which is to the North of Leyawiin, and the largest being the four-level Rockmilk Cave, located behind the settlement Water's Edge. They can also be found in Undertow Cavern.

Black Bow Bandit archers seem to favor paralyze poisons.



Knights of the White StallionEdit

After the "Mazoga the Orc" quest, Count Marius Caro of Leyawiin will offer this. The objective is to locate Black Brugo's location and kill him. Mazoga the Orc will accompany the Hero and tell them the location.

Black Bow Bandits (Freeform Quest)Edit

After the quest "Knights of the White Stallion" is finished, the Count also asked us to find and kill any remaining members of the Black Bow Bandits, and promised a bounty of 100 gold for every Black Bow we deliver to him.


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