Black Dog Camp is a camp located on the north shore of the Panther River, immediately east of the meander at the mouth of the river.


Depending on the Hero's level, either one Bandit and one dog or two bandits inhabit it. The camp is fairly secluded, and the surrounding Ayleid ruins cannot be seen.

The campsite itself contains two tents, a grain sack that is safe for storage, and three regular sacks, two of which hold food with the remaining one being used to store some minor loot. Three stools surround a cold campfire in the center of the camp. A Dragon's Tongue grows nearby.


  • A rough path leads down to a wooden pier on the banks of the river. A Nirnroot can be found growing behind a boulder next to the steps
  • Hidden in between some rocks at the bottom of the riverbed lies a submerged treasure chest which once belonged to Grantham Blakeley; it's usually empty until the completion of The Forlorn Watchman, when it will fill with riches. After the quest, the chest is safe for storage.
  • A small boat is docked at the pier. Five barrels line the edges of the jetty; each has a small chance of containing a repair hammer, but holds little else of interest.


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