The Black Flag was the infamous flagship of the Red Sabre pirates led by legendary pirate Torradan ap Dugal.

It is located inside Dunbarrow Cove after having been sealed in when a cliff collapsed above it during a confrontation between the remnant Red Sabre pirates in the Black Flag and the first Count of Anvil, Commodore Fasil Umbranox, with the Imperial Navy under his command.

Remains of the Black Flag[edit | edit source]

The Black Flag is now little more than a shipwreck, appearing to have been cut into two pieces by the falling rocks under the cliff. It is guarded by several Red Sabre Skeletons including captain Dugal himself. The Black Flag itself has four parts:

  • The captain's quarters (separate from the rest of the ship)
  • The first level of the hull of the black flag acts as a barracks
  • The second level of the hull is where Jak Silver1 operates his store
  • The third level of the hull is a storage space with several containers (containers do not reset)

1 Requires "supplier" upgrade from Dahlia Rackham

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