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The Black Horse Courier is a popular newspaper company based in the Imperial City. It is owned by three Khajiit brothers: Hassiri, Ra'jiradh, and Urjabhi. The Empire funds the Courier, so the paper is always free.

Copies of their newspapers can be found in many different locations, such as talking to Vlanarus Kvinchal in the Imperial City Waterfront, or by taking a free copy from their office in the Market District.

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  • Some of the issues only become available after quests have been finished. Pranks Spoils Society Gathering! is issued after completing the Daedric quest "Sanguine," for instance.
  • The Black Horse Courier is mentioned in a stolen item in The Elder Scrolls Online. Specifically, the Black Horse Courier Bridle. Which has This black leather bridle has silver buckles and the insignia of the Black Horse Courier etched into the leather. as its description.
    • Due to the reference in The Elder Scrolls Online, we can conclude that the Black Horse Courier is at least 747 years old, due to its earliest appearance being in 2E 582 and its latest appearance being in 3E 433.

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