Black Jinx is a House Telvanni quest given to the Nerevarine by Raven Omayn.



Once the Nerevarine has obtained five pieces of Muck for Raven Omayn, she will task them with another quest. The Nerevarine must obtain for her the Black Jinx, (a ring) although she does not know whom is currently in possession of the ring, or indeed where it is held.

The Ring of the Black JinxEdit

Asking around Sadrith Mora will reveal that the current owner of the Black Jinx is Alven Salas, a member of the Morag Tong in the town. Salas will not, however, simply hand over the ring to the Nerevarine, meaning they will have to fight him for it. This can be done by either taunting him into attacking, knocking him out or outrightly killing him. Once the Nerevarine has taken the ring from Salas, they must hand it to Omayn to complete the quest.


Black Jinx – HT_BlackJinx
IDJournal Entry
10Mouth Raven Omayn wants me to bring her a ring known as Black Jinx.
  • Quest accepted
30I was told that the Black Jinx belongs to the Morag Tong.
50Alven Salas gave me the Black Jinx.
100Mouth Raven Omayn thanked me for delivering the Black Jinx.
  • Quest completed


  • If the Nerevarine is a Master (or higher) in the Morag Tong, Salas will hand over the Black Jinx.
  • The second journal entry is never used.
  • The Black Jinx casts Absorb Luck (10–50) and Burden (25–100) on touch for 120 seconds.

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