The Black Road is a route that runs west-by-northwest through the Great Forest and connects the city of Chorrol to the Red Ring Road. The Road is also connected to the Orange Road.

Route[edit | edit source]

The Black Road, along with the Blue Road is among the shorter roads in Cyrodiil. It leads generally uphill. There is a single sharp switch-back as it climbs out of the Imperial City valley, but otherwise the path is mostly straight.

The flora is generally sparse as the road climbs away from the city, but the trees become dense as it enters the Forest.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The following are places of interest along the way:

  • Fort Nikel — A small fort west of the Imperial City containing bandits and marauders.
  • Yellow Tick Cave — A medium cave between the Imperial City and Chorrol containing conjurers.
  • Fort Ash — A medium fort between the Imperial City and Chorrol containing goblins.
  • Odiil Farm — A farmhouse southeast of Chorrol.
  • Weynon Priory — A chapel and house southeast of Chorrol.
  • Crumbling Mine — A small mine southeast of Chorrol containing bandits.
  • Chorrol — The main city in the Great Forest, lying on the border to the Colovian Highlands, to the west of Cyrodiil, dedicated to Stendarr.
  • Pillaged Mine — A medium mine southwest of Chorrol containing goblins.
  • Battlehorn Castle — A large castle west of Chorrol that can be won by defeating the attacking marauders (plugin-specific).

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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