Black Rock Caverns are northwest of the city of Chorrol. The entrance lies hidden behind a small waterfall on the north side of a little pond, however a rocky path makes finding it very easy.

This cave is a modest two-level "dungeon," fully equipped as a standard Bandit lair. There is decent loot within, as well as a swinging log trap.

Freeform "quest"[edit | edit source]

Deep within the second level of Black Rock Caverns, a small switch lies hidden from plain view. More specifically, it hides behind some rocks against the southeast wall, near the south corner of the large room. Once it is turned, a rock surfaces, preventing you from leaving the same way you entered. The newly revealed exit leads back to the first level of the cave.

Upon re-entering, there will be two new enemies patrolling the area. They are Black Rock Pirates; one is a marksman and the other a melee fighter, and both ghosts are a level above the Hero. Once they are dispatched, a quick scan of the area will reveal that another large rock has disappeared. In its place is the second switch. Activating the switch will yield the standard noise, however it seems that nothing has happened.

By entering the second level once again, there is an obvious difference. Yet another large rock has disappeared, and a trap door lies in its place. This trap door leads to the Lost Black Rock Chasm. Upon immediately entering, there is a path littered with Skeleton remains, as well as dead bandits. Another large rock blocks the trail, however a switch on the right side wall will remove it. Just on the other side lies a ruined pirate ship.

There are four more Black Rock Pirates in this main area:

  • The three regular Pirates are one level above your character level
  • The Captain is four levels higher than your character level

When they have been defeated, the rest of the area can be safely explored.

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