For other uses, see Black Soul Gem.

Black Soul Gem is a support card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends that is a part of the Jaws of Oblivion expansion.


  • Black Soul Gem can be soul summoned with 400 soul gems.
  • Black Soul Gem can be found in Jaws of Oblivion set packs.


Black Soul Gem is an ongoing support card, meaning that it will continuously provide an effect without requiring activation until it is destroyed. Only a few cards are able to destroy active supports, such as Piercing Javelin or Edict of Azura.

Black Soul Gem gives a creature in your hand 1 extra point of health and power when a friendly creature dies. This allows creatures that have not been summoned yet more power and thus may provide more benefit at any later point in time, rather than needing to be immediate. Creatures given the extra power and health do not require any more magicka to summon and may thus become significantly more powerful with a low-cost.

If there are no cards in the summoner's hand when a friendly creature dies, there will be no benefit provided. The effect cannot be applied to action, item, or other support cards.



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