The Blackblood Marauders are a faction of bandits encountered in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


They are led by their captain, Hargar, and are located at the Wreck of The Icerunner and Broken Oar Grotto. In the past, they were a fleet of pirates, but turned to marauding after a cave-in trapped their ships in the grotto. Argonian member Jaree-Ra and his sister, Deeja have been planning a raid on a ship.

They are involved in the quest "Lights Out!," given in Solitude. Jaree-Ra will ask for the Dragonborn's help in causing a ship to wreck near the coast, so it can be looted by him and his gang. Ahtar will also give a quest to kill one of their leaders at Broken Oar Grotto as well.




Lights Out!Edit

"You're the one who put out the fire in the Lighthouse, right?"

Yes, I put out the fire. "That was good work. Deeja's in the hold of the ship. Go down two levels."


Marauder 1: "You've been here for a while, right? What was it like back when we could still make runs out to the coast?"
Marauder 2: "Well, before that cave-in sealed our ships in here we could loot any size ship we wanted."
Marauder 1: "Where did you keep all that loot? I've been here almost a year and haven't seen any of it."
Marauder 2: "The Captain has it locked away in that drowned ship by his quarters. He says it's to "keep it safe" but I know he's just keeping it for himself."
Marauder 1: "If only we could get our hands on that treasure. We could get out of here and never look back."
Marauder 2: "Maybe. For now just lay low and do your job. I have a feeling we'll be rid of the Captain soon..."



  • The members (excluding the Argonian siblings) wear a unique warpaint that is not available in Character Creation; it is a black tattoo, with a design consisting of blood veins running up their necks to the sides of their heads, adding to the name "Blackblood."


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