Blackbriar Blazier is a location that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online.

After completing the quest "Bosmer Insight," the Vestige can visit one of these Blaziers to summon their spirit animal. Their chosen spirit animal will grant them one of three bonuses. These bonuses last for one hour, and can be re-added by visiting a Blackbriar Blazier, scattered throughout Grahtwood. One such Blazier is located near the Southpoint Wayshrine.


  • Movement Speed increased by 4%
  • Decreases Damage Taken by 5%


  • Movement Speed increased by 4%
  • Increased Weapon Damage by 5%


  • Decreases Damage Taken by 5%
  • Increases Damage Done by 5%

Snake hunts Wolf, Tiger hunts Snake and Wolf hunts Tiger.


Bosmer Insight


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