"The Bjoulsae River, where it widens as it enters the Iliac Bay, flows past dozens of small islands that have long served as refuges for smugglers and sea raiders. The most notorious of these hideouts is Blackheart Haven."
―Blackheart Haven loading screen

Blackhearts Haven is a group dungeon found in Bangkorai. The island is the hideout of the infamous Captain Blackheart and his crew. A pirate named Shifty Tom can be found in the haven, who seeks your aid in turning over a new leaf by defeating his former captain and crewmates.

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Near the boat to this location:


Haven Pirates: (Before Iron-Heel)

Note: Haven Pirates can become non-hostile when using the Haven Pirate Disguise given by Shifty Tom. Sea Hounds, however, can see through the disguise.

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