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"Blacklight holds the northern tip of Morrowind, and to the east is Dagoth Ur in all its fiery glory."
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Blacklight is one of the eight major cities in the province of Morrowind and is the capital of the northwestern region of the province. Blacklight is also the capital of the Great House Redoran, a political house known for their war-like ideals and their focus on strength and endurance. After Mournhold was sacked by the An-Xileel in 4E 6, Blacklight became the new capital of the province of Morrowind.

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The city of Blacklight is located on the northwestern edge of the province near the Velothi Mountains border to the province of Skyrim and the region of Eastmarch. Between both regions is a road called the Dunmeth Pass, which connects Blacklight to Windhelm. Blacklight is also the capital of House Redoran as well as the Redoran District of Morrowind, which consists of Western Vvardenfell and Northwestern Stonefalls. The center of political commerce in Blacklight is the Rootspire, a large tower where the members of the Redoran Council meet to talk about their house. Blacklight is located on a very strategic point of the water where the Inner Sea complies with the Sea of Ghosts on the West. The closest settlements to Blacklight are the towns of Cormar View to the west and the city of Gnisis on the other side of the Inner Sea.


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  • The Dark Elves of Blacklight celebrate the New Life Festival on the 1st of Morning Star. It is a day of celebration where the drinks are free and people party in the streets all day. It truly is, a day of merriment.[1]
  • The Dark Elves of Blacklight celebrate the South Wind's Prayer on the 15th of Morning Star. It is a day to pray to the Gods for a bountiful harvest, and it is for citizens who cannot afford healing from the local temple to get healed from an ailment.[1]
  • The Dark Elves of Blacklight celebrate Heart's Day on the 16th of Sun's Dawn. It is in honor of a legend passed down from generation to generation about a couple named Polydor and Eloisa. Every Inn in Tamriel become free for visitors arriving into town.[1]
  • The Dark Elves of Blacklight celebrate the First Planting on the 7th of First Seed. It is the day that begins the harvest, where neighbors reconcile their difference, bad habits are dropped, and the clerics heal people for free.[1]
  • The Dark Elves of Blacklight celebrate the Second Planting on the 7th of Second Seed. The holiday is ideally the same holiday as First Planting, to improve one’s soul, and to improve relationships with others.[1]
  • The Dark Elves of Blacklight celebrate the Mid Year Celebration on the 16th of Mid Year. A day to distract everyone from the increased taxes. It is a day celebrating the halfway mark of the year, where many warriors feel blessed and venture to dungeons they normally cannot defeat.[1]
  • The Dark Elves of Blacklight celebrate Sun's Rest on the 20th of Sun's Height. It is a day when the workers of Tamriel take a day to relax, businesses across town are closed in observance of this day. Some people have to have to leave the province to actually buy something.[1]
  • The Dark Elves of Blacklight celebrate Harvest's End on the 27th of Last Seed. It is the final day of the harvest, and it is where the people eat the crops they have grown since the First Planting. Travelers are given the option to join a farmer’s family for a feast.[1]
  • The Dark Elves of Blacklight celebrate Tales and Tallows on the 3rd of Hearthfire. It is the day of superstition where the elderly do not speak for an entire day, in fear of evil spirits entering their body. The Mages of Tamriel favor this day since it is a day to study the oldest forms of magic.[1]
  • The Dark Elves of Blacklight celebrate the Witches' Festival on the 13th of Frostfall. A day where the creepy ghouls and creatures of the night gather to terrorize the denizens of Tamriel. Many have not dared to wander the streets at night, in fear of being nabbed by a creature.[1]
  • The Dark Elves of Blacklight celebrate the Warriors Festival on the 20th of Sun's Dusk. It is a day where many warriors gather to practice their fighting prowess. Travelers buy weapons in stores since their price's drop by half. Young children foolishly buy weapons, only to stab themselves by mistake.[1]
  • The Dark Elves of Blacklight celebrate the North Wind's Prayer on the 15th of Evening Star. It serves as a thanksgiving to the Gods for the year's harvest. It is a day when the local temples heal and bless anyone for a lower price.[1]
  • The Dark Elves of Blacklight celebrate the Old Life Festival on the 31st of Evening Star. It is a day of rest, where many leave the events of the passing year behind and to reflect their past. They rest for the New Life Festival.[1]
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Second EraEdit

Expansion into Vvardenfell; Enter the Ebonheart PactEdit

The Island of Vvardenfell was mostly uninhabited with only several settlements such as Vivec City and Sadrith Mora established. The center of the sub-continent was inhabited by Ashlander tribes and was filled with untapped resources beneficial for the Dunmer of Blacklight. The Redoran Dunmer sent miners and such to Western Vvardenfell where they would uncover all sorts of minerals and build strong settlements such as Balmora and Gnisis in their rush for resources. They soon had control over the Western portion of Vvardenfell.[UL 1][4]

The Great Houses of Redoran, Indoril, Hlaalu, and Dres banded together to join the Ebonheart Pact, an alliance consisting of the houses mentioned before, the Nords of the Old Holds in Skyrim, and the Argonians of Black Marsh. The city of Blacklight was among the many settlements to be a part of the Ebonheart Pact, along with Kragenmoor and Ebonheart in the southeast. The Redoran Dunmer have a large part in the Pact's military prowess since they value strength and endurance.[5]

The Talosion Conquest; Battle across the Redoran WestEdit

During the waning years of the Second Era, Tiber Septim launched a campaign to conquer the provinces of Tamriel, to unite them under a single banner. Tiber Septim used the borders of Skyrim and Cyrodiil to stage an invasion of Morrowind to the east. His army invaded the area throughout the Velothi and Valus Mountains which included the cities of Blacklight and Kragenmoor, as well as the townships of Silgrad Tower and Cormaris View. The defense against his army consisted of warriors from the Great Houses of Redoran, Indoril, and Dres while the Elves of Telvanni were indifferent with the situation and the Hlaalu folk were willing to accept the Empire. Eventually, the Imperial Province of Morrowind was created with the signing of the Treaty of the Armistice.[6]

Third EraEdit

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Blacklight during the Imperial SimulacrumEdit

During the Imperial Simulacrum from 3E 389 to 3E 399, Emperor Uriel Septim VII was imprisoned along with Talin Warhaft in the Deadlands by Jagar Tharn. Tharn planned for months to capture the throne, and he was able to achieve so in ten years. Tharn had a powerful weapon called the Staff of Chaos, and he split it into nine pieces and scattered them across Tamriel, the staff was the only thing keeping Uriel Septim and Warhaft in Oblivion. A warrior escaped his clutches and traveled all corners of Tamriel to retrieve the missing pieces. The hero was known as the Eternal Champion, and he assembled the staff and defeated Jagar Tharn at the Imperial Palace. The Eternal Champion had at one point visited the city in their quest to recover the pieces. The city of Blacklight was under the rule of Queen Vermith.[7]

Fourth EraEdit

Destruction of Vvardenfell; Dunmer Capital of BlacklightEdit

The city of Blacklight was unaffected by the events of the Red Year as well as the Accession War, giving it a huge advantage in the political spectrum in Morrowind. The Red Year obliterated the Vvardenfell District, causing refugees to travel to Blacklight, one notable refugee was Neria Relethyl, the only survivor of the destruction of Gnisis. The lava burned a lot of Dunmer alive, causing them to perish. Relethyl was only able to live after reaching the Samsi River edge, the area where the lava was not able to reach. She was severely burned and was taken to the Temple of Azura in Blacklight; she stayed there several years after the Red Year.[8]

Blacklight was made into the Capital of Morrowind after the city of Mournhold was sacked by the Argonians during the Accession War. Tension arose in the Grand Council after the Red Year, and the Oblivion Crisis, the Great House Hlaalu was no longer one of the Great Houses, being replaced by House Sadras. There was hatred between both Hlaalu and Redoran since the former believes the latter was responsible for their downfall. Redoran became the leading force in Morrowind with the other houses in their wake. The Blacklight Redorans took control of the Island of Solstheim and the town of Raven Rock, located on the southwestern shore.[9][10]



  • In an earlier development stage, Arena was going to be a tournament-based game, where each city had their own gladiatorial team. Blacklight's team was known as the Dark Knights.[UL 2]



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