Blackroot Lair is a cave off the main road going south from the Gates of Madness. As with many other caves in the Shivering Isles, this cave contains hollowed-out amber limbs.


  • Blackroot Lair
  • Blackroot Lair Tunnels
  • Blackroot Lair Outer Encampments
  • Blackroot Lair Channel
  • Blackroot Lair Inner Encampments


Anyone entering the cave must face several enemies, including a Grummite Deathdealer near the entrance and other similar foes (Painbringers, Beaters, and Torturers) wielding cleavers and bows. Several enemies carry Madness Ore with them. There are several unique species of plants that can be harvested: thorn hook, withering moon, root stalk and stashes of gnarl bark. The hollowed out amber stump is located on this level as well as an amber containing limb on the upper level. There is an Elder Gnarl Prisoner in this level. If released, it will search out and try to kill Grummite warriors. This is true on other levels of this cave as well.

The third level is called the Channel. In the lair called the Tunnels, the northernmost dead end has three stumps including one containing amber.


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