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"When Imperial Potentate Versidue-Shaie wanted a distant dungeon to house the most feared criminal and political prisoners of the Second Empire, he ordered a penal institution built on the coast of Black Marsh; it was named Blackrose Prison after the ancient city a day's march to the north."
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The Blackrose Prison is a group arena that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online: Murkmire, found south of Dead-Water Village. The Blackrose Prison has been taken under control by the Blackguards, Naga descendants of the original prison inmates. The dungeon focuses on various mechanics, fighting through waves of enemies in five different arenas.


"Built in a single day centuries ago by the powerful mage Pelladil Direnni and his Stone Atronachs, Blackrose Prison was once one of the Empire's most feared penal colonies. Those unfortunate (or unlucky) enough to be sent to the prison, located in the southern swamps of Murkmire, were rarely seen again. Now, the dungeon's crumbling ruins serve a new role as a proving ground for the Blackguard, a monstrous band comprised of the descendants of the prison's former inmates."
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Notable itemsEdit



Item setsEdit

Perfect sets only drop from veteran hard mode:



  • Blackrose Executioner (Blackrose Prison Conqueror achievement)
  • Blackrose Condemner (Blackrose Prison Vanquisher achievement)
  • The Unchained (God of the Gauntlet achievement)




Generic enemiesEdit

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Stage 5:


  • Prisonyard – Imperials allied with Blackguards here. Many flame atronachs (respawn) and fire damage
  • Hall of Beasts – full of monsters. Unkillable netches that deal heavy shock damage
  • Vampire's Pen – full of undead. Floating blue portals will summon enemies if stepped in
  • Mess Hall of Misery – previous monsters and mechanics from other stages, with previous bosses at end
  • Drakeeh's Cage – ghosts will apply Maim if touched, and touching 3 will kill eventually if not cleansed (however, marked ghosts must be absorbed during final boss fight). Stone Totems often stun, should be killed. Daedric Portals will shoot skeleton heads, tank should step on to remove. Vengeful Revenant will place geyser that tank needs to step on as well



  • Soulgem Sigil: resurrects all of dead group members
  • Shield Sigil: gives a shield, protects player from some damage and reflects all ranged attacks
  • Sustain Sigil: gives sustain to group, including ultimate regen
  • Healing Sigil: heal over time





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