Blacksmiths can be found in many locations across Morrowind. Each type of blacksmith has things that they do best, from the forging of irons, to various mage-smiths, and as such all their work is invaluable across Tamriel. Blacksmiths buy and sell weapons, armor, and shields, and can repair damaged items for a fee.

The following is a list of blacksmiths and weapons/armor merchants:

Name Gold Location Faction
Ababael Timsar-Dadisun 9000 Ababael Timsar-Dadisun's Yurt Ashlander
Alds Baro 1400 Maar Gan Outpost House Redoran
Alusaron 2500 Alusaron: Smith None
Anruin 800 Sadrith Mora House Telvanni
Arenara 990 Galom Daeus Clan Berne
Aryne Telnim 900 Aryne Telnim: Smith None
Ashuma-Nud Matluberib 700 Gnisis None
Ashur-Dan 300 Ashur-Dan's Yurt Ashlander
Dalam Gavyn 550 Hla Oad Camonna Tong
Dandera Selaro 750 Dandera Selaro: Smith None
Dronos Llervu 1050 Ghostgate House Redoran
Ergnir 1800 Ald'ruhn Fighters Guild Fighters Guild
Erla 650 Moonmoth Legion Fort Imperial Legion
Galen Berer 900 Tel Branora None
Garothmuk gro-Muzgub 900 Garothmuk gro-Muzgub: Smith None
Gilan Daynes 600 No Name Club Camonna Tong
Gilyne Omoren 950 Indarys Manor House Redoran
Gladroon 1100 Ashmelech Clan Aundae
Hakar the Candle 1300 Molag Mar None
Hannabi Zabynatus 500 Gnisis None
Hodlismod 1300 Caldera None
Hrundi 1700 Sadrith Mora Fighters Guild
Kjeld 950 Druscashti Clan Quarra
Lanabi 75 Lanabi's Yurt Ashlanders
Lorbumol gro-Aglakh 4000 Vivec Fighters Guild Fighters Guild
Manicky 1000 Sadrith Mora House Telvanni
Massarapal 150 Erabenimsun Camp Ashlanders
Meldor 1500 Balmora None
Mug gro-Dulob 700 Gnisis Imperial Legion
Orero Omothan 500 Ald Velothi House Redoran
Radras 750 Tel Mora None
Ralen Tilvur 400 Ralen Tilvur: Smith House Hlaalu
Saetring 1200 Molag Mar None
Savard 1000 Vivec, Redoran Canton House Redoran
Shadbak gra-Burbug 900 Pelagiad Imperial Legion
Sirollus Saccus 3500 Ebonheart Imperial Legion
Telvon Llethan 800 Vivec, Hlaalu Canton House Hlaalu
Thanelen Velas 500 Balmora Council Club Camonna Tong
Thorek 1000 The Razor Hole None
Tuveso Beleth 2200 Tuveso Beleth: Smith House Redoran
Uulernil 700 Uulernil: Armorer None
Wayn 2000 Balmora Fighters Guild Fighters Guild
Yambagorn gor-Shulor 700 Buckmoth Legion Fort Imperial Legion

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