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Blacksmiths can be found in most cities and towns in Skyrim. Blacksmiths serve as merchants that specialize in weapons and armor, including enchanted pieces. They also sell various smithing materials, such as ores, ingots, leather and leather strips.

Blacksmiths will only buy weapons, armor and smithing materials, unless the Merchant perk in the Speech skill tree is active. They typically carry more gold than most merchants, usually over 1000 GoldIcon even without any investment in the speech tree, making it ideal to sell all weaponry and armor to them first.

Between 8 AM and 8 PM, they can usually be found near the town or city's smithing stations, either standing in one place or using one of the stations.

The following Blacksmiths are female: Adrianne Avenicci, Fihada, Filnjar, Gharol, Ghorza gra-Bagol, Hestla, and Shuftharz.

The following Blacksmiths are male: Alvor, Arnskar Ember-Master †, Asbjorn Fire-Tamer, Balimund, Baldor Iron-Shaper DR, Beirand, Dushnamub, Elrindir, Eorlund Gray-Mane, Glover Mallory DR, Gunmar DG, Lod, Moth gro-Bagol, Oengul War-Anvil, Rustleif, Syndus †, Ulfberth War-Bear, and Vanryth Gatharian †.


The following is a list of blacksmiths and weapons/armor merchants.

Name Location Shop (if applicable) GoldIcon Investor (Can invest 500 gold with a shopkeeper to increase his available gold permanently.)
Adrianne Avenicci Whiterun Warmaiden's 1000 Yes
Alvor Riverwood - 500 Yes
Arnskar Ember-MasterRiften The Ragged Flagon 1000 No
Asbjorn Fire-Tamer Riften The Scorched Hammer 1000 Yes
Balimund Riften The Scorched Hammer 1000 Yes
Baldor Iron-Shaper DR Skaal Village - 1000 No
Beirand Solitude Solitude Blacksmith 1000 Yes
Dushnamub Narzulbur - 400 No
Elrindir Whiterun The Drunken Huntsman 750 Yes
Eorlund Gray-Mane Whiterun Skyforge 1000 No
Fihada Solitude Fletcher 750 No
Filnjar Shor's Stone - 500 No
Gharol Dushnikh Yal - 400 No
Ghorza gra-Bagol Markarth - 1000 Yes
Glover Mallory DR Raven Rock - 2000 No
Gunmar DG Fort Dawnguard - 1000 No
Hestla DG Castle Volkihar - 1000 No
Lod Falkreath - 1000 No
Moth gro-Bagol Markarth Understone Keep 500 Yes
Oengul War-Anvil Windhelm - 1000 Yes
Rustleif Dawnstar - 1000 Yes
Shuftharz Mor Khazgur - 400 No
SyndusRiften The Ragged Flagon 1000 No
Ulfberth War-Bear Whiterun Warmaiden's 1000 Yes
Vanryth GatharianRiften The Ragged Flagon 1000 No

† Only available after completing City Influence quests for Delvin Mallory.

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