"Please accept my surrender. Here's my blade. Please. No treasure is worth my life."
Selene, if convinced to surrender.[src]

Blackwater Blade quote

The Blackwater Blade is a leveled Fine Steel Longsword found on Selene, the leader of the Blackwater Brigands.


Selene and the rest of the Blackwater Brigands are found during the side-quest "An Unexpected Voyage." The Hero can take the longsword from her body after she is killed. Alternatively, they can convince Selene to surrender; by answering questions correctly about her operation. Once this is done, she will surrender and give the Blackwater Blade to the Hero as an award. However, if any of the questions are answered incorrectly, she will attack the Hero on sight, making killing her the only way to receive the blade.


Level Base Value Weight Base Damage Health Enchantments Charge # of Uses Weapon ID
1–4 428 GoldIcon 20 WeightIcon 10 DamageIcon 170 Health-icon Absorb Fatigue 20 pts for 1 sec 1000 MagickaIcon 50 0000C201
5–9 861 GoldIcon 24 WeightIcon 12 DamageIcon 220 Health-icon Absorb Fatigue 20 pts for 3 secs 2000 MagickaIcon 50 0006B697
10–14 1628 GoldIcon 32 WeightIcon 16 DamageIcon 350 Health-icon Absorb Fatigue 20 pts for 5 secs 3500 MagickaIcon 50 0006B698
15–19 2880 GoldIcon 40 WeightIcon 20 DamageIcon 510 Health-icon Absorb Fatigue 20 pts for 7 secs 5000 MagickaIcon 50 0006B699
20–24 4250 GoldIcon 44 WeightIcon 22 DamageIcon 615 Health-icon Absorb Fatigue 20 pts for 9 secs 6250 MagickaIcon 50 0006B69A
25+ 6670 GoldIcon 48 WeightIcon 24 DamageIcon 725 Health-icon Absorb Fatigue 20 pts for 12 secs 8750 MagickaIcon 50 0006B69B
Weapon Reach: 1.00
Weapon Speed: 1.00
  • Base Value refers to the value without factoring the effects of Mercantile skill or character disposition.
  • Base Damage refers to the base damage rating without factoring the effects of the appropriate Blade or Blunt skill, or the condition of the weapon.


  • The blade is capable of harming and killing spectral enemies such as ghosts and wisps, even with its enchantment completely spent.


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